sexta-feira, março 05, 2010

The Rain Murderer

Agora vou postar um texto que eu escrevi como atividade para o curso de inglês (aham...)
Espero que vocês gostem

In an awful rainy day, Amy was lain on the sofa idly waiting for her boredom to vanish. She definitely didn’t want to stay at home, so lonely as that day, since everyone were out, working. As she couldn’t do anything but wait, she was whistling one of her favourite songs. It was lately 2 p.m. and she wasn’t neither hungry nor thirsty.

She was just toying with the idea of doing something, but she couldn’t think in anything. All of a sudden, she heard a horrible sound coming from the kitchen. She went to check it. When Amy arrived, she saw that a man was crouched to a dim shape. The man glared to her. Her heart was hammering and then she noticed that the dim shape was a stabbed corpse. The man came over her with a knife, raising his arm. She woke up in the kitchen to the sight of her mother holding the kitchen knife with a bemused face. The rain kept pouring down.

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